Heydenburg Family Scholarship Fund

The home of Floyd and Margaret (Peg) Heydenburg was filled with music from the time they were married, after both graduating music and education majors from Illinois Wesleyan University.

Floyd’s career required them to move to Bad Axe, Belding, and Traverse City, where he taught choir, band, and orchestra. He also served as president of the Michigan School Vocal Association. Peg stayed home with their four young children: Paul, Bob, Al and Linda. In 1951, the Heydenburg family moved to Mt. Pleasant. Floyd taught choir at Mt. Pleasant High School and later became a professor of music at Central Michigan University.

Peg trained aspiring new piano players out of their home. She loved working with youngsters, and became an elementary school teacher in 1962. Throughout her career, she taught kindergarten through third grade at Pullen, McGuire, and Vowles Elementary schools. In her “spare time” she volunteered as a wedding reception coordinator.

Together, Floyd and Peg demonstrated the importance of their faith. They were active in the community at First Presbyterian Church in Mt. Pleasant. Floyd directed the Chancel and Cadet choirs while Peg, all their children, and some of their spouses, have fond memories of singing under his direction.

Floyd and Peg’s children are privileged to have had parents that gave them the tools to succeed in life, both professionally and personally. They specifically recall summer building projects, a profession carried on by existing generations of the family. Floyd and Peg have left a legacy with their children, and community, of service, love, and fun.

Heydenburg Family Scholarship Criteria:


2016 Scholarship Award: $600

Application Deadline: March 4, 2016

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