Charitable Remainder Trust

Planning for the future — for you and your community.

Giving through a Charitable Remainder Trust at the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation allows you to receive income for the rest of your life, knowing that whatever remains will support the charitable causes or organizations you care about most.

You transfer assets into a trust, and the trust pays you or a beneficiary you designate regular income payments. Upon the death of the beneficiary, or after a defined period of years, the remaining assets in the trust transfer to the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation. The Foundation will use these assets to support your charitable desires.

You may choose to receive a fixed income or one that changes with market conditions — income from the Charitable Remainder Trust you establish may add up to more than interest and dividends you earned from holding the assets. You can use it to supplement your own lifestyle or that of someone other than yourself: a sibling, a dependent parent, a friend, or a former employee. You can start receiving annuity payments immediately or defer them to increase your charitable income tax deduction.

A portion of the income may be a tax-free return of principal, while some is taxed as ordinary income or capital gains. The amount of annuity paid and the tax deduction received depends on the age of the recipient and the current tax laws.

You can pick one of these options for your Charitable Remainder Trust: